What are the services you offer?
We are available for a range of garden services; lawn-mowing, weeding, hedging, whipper snipping, planting, blowing, fertilising, soft landscaping and high pressure cleaning.
Are you able to take vegetation with you?
Yes, we are able to remove vegetation at an extra fee.
Are you insured?
Yes, Avenue One Gardens is fully insured.
How much does a typical lawn mowing service cost?
Lawn services will differ house to house as each lawn size varies. We offer an obligation free quote, so you can decide whether you would like our service.
Do I need to fertilise my lawn?
You do not NEED to fertilise your lawn although it is recommended to boost your lawns growth throughout the year’s seasonal changes.
Do you charge per hour or a fixed price?
For lawns we charge a fixed price per lawn – this will be decided once we have quoted your lawn. Gardening, however, is charged per hour.
How often do I need to have my lawn mowed?
This varies season to season. For summer we cut every 2 weeks, spring every 3 weeks and winter, every 4 weeks or when necessary.
How often do I need to have my hedging done?
Hedging can be done when the new growth comes through to control the height and overall size of the hedge. This is by personal choice but we recommend monthly in summer and every 3-4 months in winter. Trimming of hedges encourages new growth to give a thicker healthier hedge.
How do you weed my garden?
The most effective way is to hand weed the larger and hardier weeds, and poison the smaller, grassier types using Glyphosate, (which is very effective but is not long lasting, so won’t damage the soil). We then apply a mulch of your choice or our recommendation to help prevent the weeds growing back. Ongoing maintenance is essential for weed control.

I would love to look after your garden.
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